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Climate Systems' team of Sioux Falls HVAC contractors and commercial HVAC installation and maintenance professionals has spent the last 30 years building relationships with major HVAC systems manufacturers. That's why we're comfortable guaranteeing the most environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient buildings possible.  We work with our customers to specify and install the most efficient equipment at an affordable price. 


Providing the Best

Any HVAC company can install a heating and cooling system. We know our job is a lot more important than that. Our job is to make your indoor space as comfortable, cost-efficient and healthy as possible. Our success over the years has helped cultivate an incredible number of strategic relationships. We currently represent over 30 different manufacturers. This broad selection allows us to find the best provider or combination of providers for our customers. The result is maximum cost-efficiency for every project.


Creating Energy Solutions

Our commitment to learn and invest in new technologies has allowed us to enter into agreements with all of the major players in our field. Partnering with companies such as Greenheck, ClimaCool, LG, and more allows our team to create energy solutions for our customers. We work with the top manufacturers in the country to provide you with the best products and equipment possible. When the right system is installed and properly maintained, the result is maximum energy conservation.

Heating and Cooling Sioux Falls

St. Katherine's New HVAC System

St. Katherine's is equipped with a chilled water and boiler system. The sanctuary utilizes two outdoor air handling units that heat and cool the worship space. when the worship hall is unoccupied, a single unit runs. With a minimal load in the space, this helps control the humidity level. If the humidity exceeds the user set point, the DCC control system triggers a dehumidification mode. St. Katherine is also equipped with IAQ sensors that control outdoor air ventilation in the worship area to match people loads.