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Our team of Sioux Falls HVAC contractors and commercial HVAC installation and maintenance professionals has had the privilege to work on some incredible buildings in the past twenty-five years. Here's a sampling of our recent commercial HVAC systems work.

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Cherapa Place

Office Building  |  Sioux Falls, SD

One of the most talked about buildings in the region, Climate Systems worked on Cherapa from initial design through final construction. Cherapa is a vivid example of forward thinking. The six-story, 110,000 square foot building of prime office space accomplishes the dual goals of maximum energy-efficiency and environmental-sensitivity.  Cherapa's HVAC system utilizes multiple technologies and innovative engineering. The ownership partners are clearly happy with the end result. 

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St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church

Church  |  Sioux Falls, SD

In 2004, St. Michael's Catholic Church was adding parishioners at a rate that soon exceeded their capacity. It soon became clear that a second church was needed and in 2006 construction began on St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church.Climate Systems installed a chilled water and boiler system and two outdoor air handling units that heat and cool the worship space. When the hall is unoccupied, a single unit is utilized to help control temperature and humidity at minimum occupancies.

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Rosa Parks Elementary School

Elementary School  |  Sioux Falls, SD

Climate System's Inc. has enjoyed a twenty-plus year relationship with the Sioux Falls School District.  Climate equipped Rosa Parks with a Building Automation System that is an extension of the school district's Central Control Server. This allows monitoring and adjusting of the school's temperature and power usage from the school, the central location or anywhere in the world with a standard PC via the World Wide Web.

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Family Wellness

Multi-Use Gymnasium and Pool  |  Sioux Falls, SD

Sioux Falls has experienced rapid expansion in the last 20 years. Sanford Health and the YMCA combined forces to open Family Wellness in 2007 on the west side. The huge variances in space needs, desired temperature and humidity levels in a fitness center presents real HVAC and humidity control challenges. Climate supplied rooftop heating and cooling equipment and plate type heat recovery units to maximize comfort and energy savings.

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Midwest Precision Tool & Die

Production Facility  |  Sioux Falls, SD

This remarkable company has grown from Burd McCoy's garage to a 60,000 square foot production facility in less than twenty years. Midwest Precision produces nano-components that are used in everything from heart valves to satellites. Climate Systems and Burd came up with a unique solution for his building that not only saved the company's heating and cooling costs dramatically, it also freed up valuable space for additional production capacity.

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Spencer Municipal Hospital

Health Care/Surgery Unit  |  Spencer, IA

When the hospital decided to build a new surgical center, they turned to Climate Systems Inc. to ensure that the precise needs of their new facility would be met.  Like most new buildings of its kind, the Spencer Surgical Unit is web-enabled which means the building's temperature and humidity levels can be monitored and adjusted remotely through the Internet or at the facility itself. Climate Systems also provides professional engineers and technicians for your service.

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