Key Sioux Falls HVAC Personnel

Whether you're coaching a football team, a large corporation or a small business, the key is always plugging the right people into the right spots. Our Sioux Falls HVAC staff includes a large number of heating and air conditioning contractors and commercial HVAC maintenance professionals with degrees from some of the most respected HVAC contractors and engineering schools in the country. We are firm believers that if you treat your employees well, they will in turn go the extra mile for their customers.

Sioux Falls HVAC Gregg Welch

Gregg Welch



Phone: 605.221.2162

Sioux Falls HVAC Dave Welch

Dean Welch

Vice President, Installation/Service Manager


Phone: 605.221.2172

Sioux Falls HVAC John Schwartz

John Schwartz

PE, LEED ® AP, Vice President, Engineering Sales Manager


Phone: 605.221.2193

Sioux Falls HVAC Tigh Teeslink

Tigh Teeslink

Control Systems Manager


Phone: 605.334.2164

Sioux Falls HVAC Ben Willie

Ben Willie

Service Systems Manager


Phone: 605.334.2164