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Climate Systems has the capability to integrate HVAC systems and give customers competitive options with improvised technology. Our team of Sioux Falls HVAC contractors and commercial HVAC installation and maintenance professionals guarantee to keep your building at a comfortable temperature with maximum efficiency for ultimate productivity. 

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Representing the Best Products and Services

Technological changes have revolutionized remote monitoring and energy-management control in today’s buildings. Climate Systems’ job is to stay up to date on these new developments. This correlates to staff with a vast array of knowledge and years of practical experience. We represent only the best products and services. We have always been committed to maximum open interoperability and believe this engineering philosophy provides our customers with the best solutions at competitive prices.

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User-Friendly Systems

Climate Systems Inc. represents Schneider Electric, a large international corporation involved in many different industries. The factory, located in Rockford, IL, manufactures all of the valves, actuators, sensors and printed circuit boards and controllers. Schneider Electric has had a long history of quality equipment and customer training. Its cutting edge technology has brought the cost of equipment down while providing the most powerful and user-friendly systems available.

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Humidity Control at Spencer Municipal Hospital

It goes without saying, a surgery suite requires precise temperature and humidity controls due to the critical nature of the work being performed. Climate Systems outfitted the Spencer Municipal Hospital’s new surgery unit with a 100,000 CFM Built-Up Air handling unit. This system utilizes redundant supply fans to provide the desired comfort level in the hospital’s surgery wing. The result is an optimized level of comfort and energy expenditure.